Google Sunsetting Universal Analytics In 2023

Google Sunsetting Universal Analytics In 2023

Google announces plans to sunset the previous generation of Google Analytics, known as Universal Analytics, in July 2023.

Universal Analytics Sunset What It Means What To Do Now

Google is sunsetting Universal Analytics: what it means, what to do now, and how MonsterInsights makes this change more manageable. ↓BIG DISCOUNT LINK↓

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In this video, we’ll explain what Google’s announcement is all about and how MonsterInsights helps our users make this change more manageable and help them get the most out of Google Analytics 4.

Google Analytics 4, or “GA4”, launched in late 2020, and it introduced new privacy features, robust reporting, predictive intelligence, and deeper integration with other Google products, like Google Ads.

After the sunset date passes, Universal Analytics will no longer receive any new data. This is why it’s essential to start feeding that data into both GA3 AND GA4 now.

➤ Timestamps in this video:
00:00 Introduction
00:44 What this change means for you?
01:14 Why send data into GA4?
01:49 What’s different about GA4?
02:01 New reporting interface
02:22 Data tracked differently
03:00 Goals replaced by Conversion Events
03:21 Privacy is Emphasized
03:43 AI/Smart Modeling
04:06 More New Features
04:50 How Monsterinsights helps you move to GA4
05:03 How to see which version of GA I’m using
05:21 How do I send data into Google Analytics 4?
06:00 Do I have to make any website code changes?
06:35 Can I import my GA3 data into a GA4 property?
06:55 What’s Next?

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Universal Analytics no longer process 2023 | Google Analytics Update

Hi friends, In this video we will discuss with all of you Universal Analytics no longer process 2023 and also Google Analytics Update. Here you will get to know about of Universal Analytics no longer process 2023 and also Google Analytics Update. Bluetick Creative is a YouTube Channel where a new content uploads. This content related to Digital Marketing like :- SEO, SMO, YouTube, Blogs and Websites also. This content is related to Universal Analytics no longer process 2023 and also Google Analytics Update. Here you will get new knowledge related to Digital Marketing like :- SEO, SMO, YouTube, Blogs and Websites also.

Content of this Video :-
00:00 Introduction
00:06 Google Analytics New Update
00:16 Universal Analytics will no longer process 2023
01:26 Switch to Google Analytics

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Universal Analytics no longer process 2023 and also Google Analytics Update.
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Goodbye Universal Analytics!?! What You Need To Know About Google’s Announcement

Google has announced that Universal Analytics will no longer be available in 2023. From the end of June 2023, Universal Analytics properties will no longer process data into your reports. And some time in 2024 your historical data won’t be available either. In this video, we will cover important questions about migrating from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

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0:00 Introduction
0:55 What happens after June 2023?
1:18 What happens to data in Universal Analytics?
1:40 How can I check which version of Google Analytics I’m using?
4:01 Can I upgrade Universal Analytics to GA4?
4:18 Can I move data from Universal Analytics to GA4?
7:04 How do I set up and configure GA4?
7:25 How can I learn more about GA4?
7:42 Conclusion

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Universal Analytics will stop working in 2023. Now what?

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